A little about APIs (why this site has none)

Posted in software by Christopher R. Wirz on Fri Jun 24 2011

There are a few reasons not to have an API on this blog. The first is such that it can only be updated when I am ssh-ed in to the server (so no one can claim I worked on my blog while working on their project). The second is because I want tight control of syndication.

You see, I have written some decent APIs since 2008 (example: WirzBrothers), which come with full javascript SDKs (example: WirzBrothers). Some of which even received a Swift SDK when it came out (example: WirzBrothers). We have even interviewed developers based on their ability to use our API (example: WhereYouAt).

Ever since Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) any application should be built on its own API, but this isn't an application. This ensures true modularity and encapsulation - so it makes testing easier and builds an ecosystem around your product.

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